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Meet the School Councillors for 2016/2017

Cameron, Year6Alicia, Year 6 Cole, Year 5 Eryn, Year5   Jamie, Year4 Jasmine, Year 4  Teddie Year 2Olivia Year 3Ava, Year2Harsahib, Year3Isla Year1

Each September, at the beginning of the term, children in each class are asked who would like to stand for election. Four boys and four girls are put forward for election after reading out their own individual manifesto of why they think they would make a good councillor and what they want to achieve during the year.

The class then holds a secret ballot, where they have to put a cross on the voting form for 1 boy and 1 girl.

The votes are then counted. The pupil with the most votes win.

A special assembly is held and the parents are invited to come in and watch their child being presented with a school councillor’s badge.

Meeting are held approximately once every half term. The children receive a fast pass which allows them to go to the front of the dinner queue, ready to meet at 12.15 in the Discovery centre with a member of staff and sometimes Dr Marshall.

At the meetings children will discuss any matters arising from the class, organise fundraising for charities, conduct surveys, and help the teachers with organising various events throughout the year

.Year 2  councillors selling Poppies

The school council produce an agenda for any meetings and type up the minutes to put on the staffroom notice board. Occasionally they may help place orders for playground equipment and use the photocopier to advertise forthcoming events.

The school council represent the whole class and are often asked to find out what the rest of the class thinks about an idea etc., so they have debates in class and come back and represent the majority views.

School councillors in the past, have interviewed candidates for new staff and had a say about school designs

Our P.F.T.A work closely with the councillors, they can go back into class and advertise their special events like Bingo, School Discos and Christmas Fairs.