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Here is a list of our staff – we are going to invite the children to draw pictures of us so that you can see what we look like!


Dr Chris Marshall

Assessment; Child Protection

Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Melanie Moore

Child Protection

Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Melanie Moore

English; Secondary Transition

Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Talia More

History  Geography

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Helene Terry


Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs J Armstrong


Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss Zoe Lewis


Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Claire Bailey  (0.6)

Information Technology

Mrs Catherine Head (0.4)


Foundation Class Teacher

Mrs Ruth Bendall


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Catherine Debenham


Mrs Sandra Paskell

PE; School Council

Teaching Assistants Mrs Sarah Liming
Ms Karen Payne
Mrs Sarah Haynes
Mrs Anne Spurr
Mrs Ann Brophy
Mrs Julie Kane
Miss Katie Nutter
Mrs Laura van der Klugt
Mrs Claire Bailey
Mrs Carla Nicholson
Mrs Ros Wood
Mrs Theresa Turner

Mrs Amaris Keith

Ms Helen Wing

Ms April Cook

School Business Manager

Mrs Sheena Datson

Child Protection

Administrative Assistant Mrs Chantal Colby
Caretaker Mr John Kent
Cook In Charge Mrs Nyree Hall
Assistant Cooks Mrs Gill Huggan
 Mrs Maxine Moore
Midday Supervisors Mrs Ruth Kent
Mrs Theresa Turner
Mrs Sarah Haynes
 Mrs Parisa Farboud
Lunchtime Playleader Miss Katie Nutter
Cleaners Mrs Ruth Kent
Breakfast Club Mrs Ruth Kent
Ms Helen Wing
Discovery (after school care) Club Mrs Catherine Debenham
Ms Karen Payne
Mrs Sandra Paskell



Mrs Theresa Turner

Ms April Cook